Mighty Monkeys Form 2

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Attention (Charyot)

Bow (Kyong-ye)

  1.  “Chunbi” (Ready).  Parallel stance with fists clenched in front of body
  2.  “Cross” – Both hands lift up in front of face in an ‘X’ position
  3.  “Elbow” – Elbow with right arm.  Left arm retracts to left hip
  4.  “Chop” – Right hand extends to a ‘chop’ position.
  5.  “Punch” – Perform punch with your left fist to the right side of your body, pivoting both feet to face to the right (no step though)
  6.  “Cross” – Return to cross position (as in ‘2’).
  7.  “Elbow” – Elbow with left arm.  Right arm retracts to right hip
  8.  “Chop” – Left hand extends to a ‘chop’ position.
  9.  “Punch” – Perform punch with your right fist to the left side of your body, pivoting both feet to face to the left (no step though)
  10.  “Ki-Hap” – Step right leg back in to a ‘guard up’ position
  11.  “High Kick” – Throwing right knee in to the air the performer shouts ‘High’, the left leg then extends up in front (achieving a scissor motion jump) whilst shouting ‘Kick’ landing with the left leg in front and the right knee on the floor (listening position number 2).
  12.  “Ki-Hap” – As your left foot and right knee land (described in ‘11’) perform a right punch to the front.

Useful Notes

  • Eyes look to the direction of your attacks at all times.
  • Feet must remain in the same place for the first 9 moves, but they must pivot on the punches to face the direction of the punch
  • Move 11 should be performed fast to achieve a jumping scissor front kick.
  • There is no slide in to the final punch.
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