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In November 2006 my 2 young sons joined Proaction aged 10 and 11. Still at junior school and not knowing what to expect from martial arts….they gave it go. It is now 2012 and after a lot of training a… Read more
A Proud DadWarren - Wellingborough, Northants
Can I just say that ALL you guys at Proaction Martial Arts & Fitness do an awesome job, and everytime I am there (which as you all know is ALOT) I have fun and LAUGH. after many years of Hating exerci… Read more
Awesome JobHannah Timlin
I stepped out of my comfort zone after not doing martial arts for several years and as a result I am now learning a new skill, have made some great new friends and all with the added bonus of increasi… Read more
Ladies Kickboxing - Amazing Class Amazing ResultsKelly
To Mr Nicholson and all Proaction Martial Arts Instructors/Assistant instructors: I would formally like to express my appreciation to you all for everything that Proaction Martial Arts and particularl… Read more
Gregory Theocharis
I joined the ladies kickboxing sessions after seeing a deal on FB. What I didn’t realise is how a group of ladies with all different fitness levels could unite and encourage and push each other beyo… Read more
Ladies Kickboxing
My son Joined Mighty Monkeys 2yrs ago and worked his way through to Mighty Monkeys Black belt, it has given him focus and drive to want to do well he loves it so much, at his school they asked him who… Read more
Taught him great life skillsHannah - Northampton
Alot of people can go through life and not have to many challenges and obstacles put in there way. Myself as a young lad found lifes challenges to hard to deal with, such as mental and physical abuse … Read more
You Can Meet Amazing PeopleJon Evans - Wellingborough
Can’t believe how much I now LOVE exercise and how my fitness levels have improved over the last year!! Thank you to all the fab instructors :))) xx
I now LOVE exerciseNikki Anderson
We had a “Mighty Monkey” party for our now 6 year old last Saturday 11th. Our Son had the most amazing time with great instructors Miss Prior & Mr Hill who both went above & beyond making each childs … Read more
Loving the classes. Thanks for making me feel welcome everyone xxx