Kickboxing is a great modern way to get and stay fit. There are few ways to exercise that offer such a diverse range of benefits from increased confidence, awareness and strength, not to mention the hundreds of calories burnt per class! Starting from the age of 7 we have classes for children, Adults and Ladies only. Our Instructors will take you through your class in a safe, fun and professional manner ensuring you get all that you could want from a Martial Art at your own pace, whilst achieving great results.

Every three months Proaction holds their famous Graduation weekend. We highly recommend experiencing them as they not only increase confidence but also offer you a chance to progress through the ranks and earn YOUR NEXT BELT!! The grading process also helps us get you on the path to completing your goal and find the next step on your Martial Arts journey. It is normal for those performing well to promote through the first 2-3 grades every three months. Following this we aim to maintain this rate of progression, but 2x per week training minimum is expected (if this cannot be met, then progression can slow considerably and is not recommended).