These classes are for adults only.  Your fitness levels will be pushed, and you will be taught in a manner and at pace suitable for adults, without the worry of knocking over a small child!

All you need to do is choose from Taekwon-Do, Kickboxing or Boxing (or sign up to all!).  You will be made to feel welcome, encouraged to work at your own pace and have clear set goals throughout your program with us.

You will be welcomed to our social circle and have a lot of fun and encouragement with achieving your goals.  Once you have joined one of our classes you will realise why our students stay with us, receiving the most complete system available and achieving your goals at set intervals in a relaxed and friendly enironment.

Taekwon-Do provides a dynamic class with strong traditional links to an art developed through decades of research and study.  Our Chief Instructor has had the honour of training directly with the late founder of this most impressive martial art.  The Taekwon-Do aspect of our training will improve your Fitness, Muscle Tone, Flexibility, Co-ordination, and Concentration.

Our Kick-Boxing classes provide you with an un-rivalled fitness work out. Nobody is forced to spar with any contact and your safety is our primary concern.  You will not go home with black eyes and a bleeding nose, you will go home feeling revived, energetic, fitter, happier and de-stressed.  This is a ‘hobby’ that you can stick at, and unlike a ‘normal’ fitness class you will not lose motivation after time repeating the same old routine.  Every class is different, and your constant learning curve will mean you reach your goals and move straight on to the next

You will be refreshed, fitter, healthier, safer and will increase your social circle whilst having a lot of fun along the way.