Boxing is the ultimate work out that has really stood the test of time.  No matter what fad or gimmick has come and gone away just as quick, Boxing has always remained.  Our team of friendly and experienced coaches are happy to train Kids (from age 8+), as well as adults and everyone in between.

Yes, we have members who come and enter fight shows, and these members spar together separately from other class members.  There are no ego’s often associated with Boxing gyms, and the vast majority of our members come along to get fit, burn off some stress and have a fantastic workout.  We believe Boxing provides skills not just for fitness and self defence, but for life.  All of our coaches have trained under the Ricky Hatton Academy and are qualified to elite level.

If you wish to spar and progress through fight shows, then we can accommodate this, likewise, if you just want to learn a new skill and get fit, then this is the class for you!