At the Proaction Head Office in Northampton, we have a fantastic facility offering a large space with a great variety of fitness and exercise classes.

In addition we have state of the art training equipment including: Woodway Running Machine, Curve Running Machine, Spin Bikes, Rowing Machines, Kettle Bells (from tiny to huge!), Olympic Weights, Power Cage, Plyo Boxes, Battle Ropes, TRX Cables, Punch Bags, Power bags, Slam/Medicine Balls and the list goes on.

Almost all of our fitness classes use these items at one stage or another, along with endless lists of body weight exercises! With expert, experienced Instructors, we also offer extensive nutritional guidance ensuring your health and well being is the best it can be.

We offer early morning ‘martial fitness’ sessions (exercises closely related to martial arts, without the sparring/contact elements) and mid-morning ‘Body-Blitz’, our signature 09:30 class for ladies and men.