Our unique Mighty Monkeys program will give your child the best possible head start in life, teaching valuable physical skills such as balance, co-ordination and flexibility, as well as vital non-physical life skills such as confidence, discipline, respect. In addition your child will learn important self defence skills such as Stranger Awareness, Safety, and Self Defence Drills.

These classes are unique to members of PROACTION and are spreading rapidly throughout the UK, recognised as an essential part of your childs development. There is no other place your child can receive training in all of these aspects of life skill development, whilst thoroughly enjoying themselves and having their achievements recognised and being rewarded at every stage.

This structured program includes eight life skill training modules and prepares your child perfectly for full martial arts class. All children are treated as individuals and rewarded at regular intervals.  The classes are dynamic, fast and LOADS OF FUN!!!

All of our Instructors are Fully qualified, fully insured, hold a current First Aid qualification and have under gone an enhanced DBS check for their suitability to work with children.