The Class we LOVE to teach, so much fun, and we all get to pretend to be 4 again! Specifically designed for ages 4 to 6, this class really does give your child the best head start in life. Attached to this exclusive program are 8 life skills:

  • Teamwork
  • Traffic Awareness
  • Stranger Awareness
  • Fitness
  • Balance
  • Memory
  • Fire Safety
  • First Aid

Along with these skills your Mighty Monkey will learn the physical skills they require to enter any Martial Arts class. As they progress through the program the children learn 16 set pad work combinations, 4 movement forms and a wide array of basic Martial Arts movements. Most importantly they will become more disciplined in class environments, more aware in everyday situations, and they will leave every class with a HUGE smile!

Every three months Proaction holds their famous Graduation weekend. We highly recommend experiencing them as they not only increase confidence but also offer you a chance to progress through the ranks and earn YOUR NEXT BELT!! The grading process also helps us get you on the path to completing your goal and find the next step on your Martial Arts journey. It is normal for those performing well to promote through the first 2-3 grades every three month. Following this we aim to maintain this rate of progression.