Kickboxing  Graduations – 

Saturday 11th June 

Proaction Acadmey, 15 Osyth Close, Brackmills, Northampton, NN4 7DY


Graduation 1: 15:10 – 16:10

Juniors White Belts and Former Mighty Monkey Belts  

AND Red Belts

AND Yellow Belts 

Graduation 2: 16:20 -17:20

Juniors Orange Belts + (Orange, Green, Purple, Blue and Brown)

AND All Adults – All Grades 

Graduation 3: 17:30 -18:30

ALL Ladies – All Grades 

Payment deadline:

Wednesday 1st June

  1. Select the correct Graduation for your age/CURRENT BELT
  2. Select your Discipline
  3. Select your CURRENT Belt (the belt you are now not the belt you are going for)
  4. Enter your training location 
  5. Enter the students name
  6. Checkout
  7. Payment confirmation is sent via email, please check your junk folder
  8. Further infortmation and guidance about the graduation event will be sent on Friday 3rd June
Please ensure correct information is entered