Meet the team

Mr Tom Nicholson

Founder and Chief Instructor

VI Degree International Instructor

TKD/KB Instructor at The Academy

Hatton Elite Boxing Coach

Mr Nicholson founded PROACTION in 2002 as a ‘once a week hobby’! His passion and dedication to Taekwon-do, Martial Arts and Fitness has grown PROACTION to what it is today, one of the largest and most successful martial arts groups in the UK.

Mr Nicholson was a prolific competitor on the International Taekwon-Do circuit, attaining 1x Bronze and 1x Silver at the European championships, 2x team bronze medals at the World Championships and countless International Gold medals.  Retiring from competition at the end of 2015, Mr Nicholson became  more involved in the running of Taekwon-Do in England, and was honoured to be elected as  ITF England president in January 2017


Miss Bex Timms

IV Degree International Instructor

TKD, Kickboxing and Fitness Instructor at The Academy

TKD Instructor at Olney

Miss Timms has been a Martial Artist for over 20 years and spent 2 seasons competing at International level as part of the England Team

Mr Tony Hill

IV Degree International Instructor



Mr Hill has over 23 years within Taekwon-do, winning multiple British Championships and is 3 times King of the Ring Champion!

Currently a member of ITF England Team

Mr Julian Andrews

 III Degree




TKD Instructor at The Academy

Mr Andrews once trialled at County level in Rugby Union!

Miss Rebecca Prior

III Degree



TKD Instructor at Bromham

“From ballerina to ninja!!”

Miss Prior has been a PROACTION student since 2005 and an Instructor since 2009.

Mr Steven Wrigglesworth

III Degree




TKD Instructor at Bedford

Mr Wrigglesworth holds two ITF World Cup Gold Medals

Mr George Hill

III Degree TKD

I Degree KB

TKD Instructor Coventry

TKD and KB Instructor at The Academy

Mr Hill was once in the newspapers in Liverpool for being the youngest ever registered supporter of Liverpool Football Club!!

Miss Amanda Clarke

II Degree
TKD Instructor
Hatton Elite Boxing Coach

Miss Clarke says:
Setting goals is the first step to turning the invisible into visible

Mr Cyril Ayesu

II Degree

TKD Instructor at Bletchley and Bromham

Mr Ayesu says:

Reach beyond yourself daily with a good attitude.”

Mrs Vickie Stewart

 II Degree

TKD Instructor

Mrs Stewart says:

“I regularly tell students to never say I can’t. Instead say I can, but I need more practice!”

Mr Glyn Fisher

 I Degree

TKD Instructor at Banbury and Daventry

Mr Fisher was once a Choir Boy!!

Mr Alan Frost

 I Degree

TKD Instructor at Kettering and Bromham

Mr Frost has been a dedicated and valued staff member at Royal Mail for over 20 years before also achieving Instructor status at PROACTION!!!

Mrs Lisa Parish

I Degree

TKD Instructor

Mrs Parish says:

“I’m an all or nothing kind of person. My family and friends are everything to me. Taekwon-do is my passion and there’s nothing more rewarding than teaching!”

Mr Michael Findlay Cooper

I Degree

TKD Instructor at Corby and Wellingborough


PROACTION Competition Committee Lead

Mr Findlay-Cooper has 5 Gold medals in total. He says:

“I like to challenge myself in anything I do and give it everything I’ve got to get where I need to be!”

Mr Simon Hill

Black Stripe

TKD Instructor at The Academy

Mr Hill says:

Accept what is, remember what was, and have faith in what can be.”

Mr Daniel Peacock

Black Stripe

TKD Instructor at Bedford, Bletchley and Bedford

Mr Peacock says:

I once spent a couple of days canoeing through the Amazon Rainforest!!”

Mr James Wright

PROACTION Head Boxing Coach

Hatton Academy Elite Boxing Coach

James used to be a Psychiatric Social Worker and currently works very hard to raise awareness and monies as a trustee for the PROACTION nominated charity Niamh’s Next Step.

Mr David Marshall

PROACTION Lead Fitness Instructor

Personal Trainer

David says:

“I have seen so many times people achieve things they dare dream true in their career, family life, sport, travels…

All it needs is a push in the right direction. That’s why I believe in what I do and that’s what happens here at PROACTION! Make it happen!”

Mr Ashley Jeffrey

II Degree

TKD Assistant Instructor

Mr Jeffrey says:

“It might look like chaos but it’s organised chaos!”

Mr Ryan Clarke

 II Degree

TKD Assistant Instructor

Mr Clarke says:

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

Miss Chloe Phipp

II Degree

TKD Assistant Instructor

Miss Phipp says:

“ Strive for progress, not perfection!”

Miss Jazz Timms

I Degree TKD

II Degree KB

TKD/KB Assistant Instructor at The Academy

Miss Timms has been doing Taekwon-do since she was 4 years old!

Mr Luis Timms

I Degree TKD

II Degree KB

TKD/KB Assistant Instructor at The Academy

Mr Timms says:

“I love doing my job and helping others because I like to see people give their 110%!”

Mr Ciaran Parish

I Degree

TKD Assistant Instructor

Mr Parish says:

“I’ve trained for 6 years and loved every minute of it and hope to pass my experience onto others.”

Mrs Jas Nicholson

PROACTION Office Manager

Jas says:

“My role at PROACTION is as Office Manager, however as our family business Tom and I work closely together alongside all of the PROACTION Team to ensure that all our students enjoy every aspect of what we offer here.

Welcome to the PROACTION Family!”

Mrs Linda Johnson

PROACTION Schools Manager
Mrs Johnson says:

“I have worked with Tom since 2008 and have enjoyed watching and helping the club grow. My role as Schools Manager has changed over the years, but my commitment never changes, the club phone and I are very good friends! I have even been known to take the phone in the bath with me!”

Miss Teegan Jones


TKD Assistant Instructor

Miss Jones has been training since 2011 and currently works in a reception role at The Academy. She supports the Instructor team in supplying equipment and is a friendly face for our students when they arrive to train.