To Mr Nicholson and all Proaction Martial Arts Instructors/Assistant instructors: I would formally like to express my appreciation to you all for everything that Proaction Martial Arts and particularly you, Sir, have all done for me over the past few years. The support that the club and all its students have all given me has been first rate.

Back in 2007, while walking home through Wellingborough Town Centre after work one night I became the victim of a mugging and a stabbing. I spent some time in hospital and it took me a long time physically, mentally and even longer emotionally to recover but since I joined Proaction Martial Arts & Fitness and had their help and tuition my confidence has improved ten-fold which has made me feel a lot happier even more confident and in control.

Therefore from the bottom of my heart, I’d like to thank all concerned for giving me the opportunity to do a sport that has actually changed my life for the better in so many ways, allowing me to do something that I could never have imagined being capable of doing and loving it.

Gregory Theocharis