Alot of people can go through life and not have to many challenges and obstacles put in there way. Myself as a young lad found lifes challenges to hard to deal with, such as mental and physical abuse from my step father and my family breaking up. I only expressed myself in bad ways and went down the route of drugs, cri…me and violence. Which to this day still have to live with little reminders of my past and only wish I could change it. I had my first child kyle who at the age of 5 asked if he could start martial arts after watching many films……… I took him to his first taekwondo lesson and spent many friday evenings watching my son develop his new found love in taekwondo and, developing his life skills such as stranger awareness and first aid along with many other aspects of life, which we as adults take for granted. After many months of having my son pestering me to join the club I eventually plucked up the courage to try for myself……. I’ll never forgot my first night I was so nervous but I was made welcome by the Chief Instructor Mr. Nicholson and all the other students, i was not judged by anyone as an overweight man but was welcomed and encouraged to do the best of my ability and accepted by everyone. I had lost alot of weight and was feeling really good about myself as I had started to find me again instead of being just another person. I left the club after about two years as my finances were tight and could not afford to train, due to my family gaining another member. Two and a half years later Mr. Nicholson along with many of the new instructor team,encouraged me to come back and start training, which I knew would be harder this time round as all the weight I had lost has come back and then a bit more. Never the less I am back training along with my eldest and also my two younger children aswell. We are all made to feel welcome and not judged, being encouraged to do our best and not compared to other people. My middle son Luke has a form of ADHD and can be very challenging most of the time. The Instructor Team despite lukes trying ways, have worked hard with luke helping him gain his new belt which was for me a very special moment as it was for Luke. I would highly recommend Proaction Martial Arts to anyone regardless of age, race and physical ability, as its an amazing club and am very proud to be part of it. Not only can you learn Taekwondo but, you can meet amazing new people. Only thing left to say is why not come along and see for yourself I am sure you wont regret it……..

You Can Meet Amazing PeopleJon Evans - Wellingborough