I can highly recommend Proaction Martial Arts as my son joined after being told it would help him gain confidence and would also help him control his temper.

My son was bullied for 4 years on and off at school, sometimes mentally and sometimes physically.

We had been into school speaking with teachers and the head,of which they said they would do all they can to stop it. The bullying carried on until one day he was hurt so bad he had to go to hospital. At this point the school govenors were involved as we’re the police and the kid cautioned with assualt( the kid was 10 years old)

I wouldn’t suggest any form of retaliation as it doesn’t solve anything. My son while being bullied would shut himself off from the whole family and when angry would lash out. It is true those who get bullied eventually become a bully. We saw it happen with our son. It wasnt because he was nasty it was the only way he felt in control.

He went through counselling but found he would still shut himself off. My son is now nearly 13 and joined Proaction 3 years a go. since joining he has become a completely different lad. His confidence had grown, his self control in difficult situations makes me proud as he doesn’t lose his temper now.

I don’t know what I would have done without them. His instructor had a way of getting him to talk about things when I couldn’t. It’s not just martial arts that they learn they learn a lot of essential life skills. they were a great support to me too as a parent. Now my daughter and I are also members of the pro action club.