In November 2006 my 2 young sons joined Proaction aged 10 and 11. Still at junior school and not knowing what to expect from martial arts….they gave it go. It is now 2012 and after a lot of training and guidance from a superb teacher, Mr. Nicholson, they are now double black belts in TKD and kickboxing. Proaction, now has numerous instructors all of whom are an inspiration to both young and old, me included. I joined a few years ago, “ to give it a go”. In my head I thought I was 16 again but when you actually start taking part you get to realise very fast that these instructors and students are a class above everyone else.  Needless to say, my sons have grown into 2 young men now with a great attitude to life. Proaction has not only taught them martial arts but some essential life skills as well.

A proud Dad

A Proud DadWarren - Wellingborough, Northants