Where do I begin…… It’s difficult,-   not because I am finding it difficult to construct  something to say, it’s more about I have so much to say about Proaction and what’s it’s done for the family and our son for his future.

Without the time and personal effort from our Chief Instructor Mr Nicholson our son would not be the young man he is today – albeit only nine years old -Mr Nicholson and his team have taught him through classes, respect, patience and control- when in the past he would have had an outburst if things did not go his way, and not be able to control himself (often resulting in getting into big trouble-)  now we don’t have the phone calls, the letters or the  invites to attend school.

Having such discipline and control has not come easy, there have been times when we’ve not known what to do- but that all changed, when there was input from Mr Nicholson and his team . As a family we are much happier now we can put the past behind us. No more letters or invites to attend school to discuss behaviour, now it’s an invite to discuss his fantastic work, for that support we cannot thank Mr Nicholson enough.

As for classes they are absolutely brilliant such a variety, we are truly hooked.

All of the instructors are great, yes we have favourites, who doesn’t ? but that’s only because we know they push and challenge us to the limit, yeah it’s tough and painful at times, but we keep coming back for more!!

If Proaction came in a bottle -it would need a warning label ” addictive – may cause hyperactivity”

We are truly HookedAmanda, Northampton